From a young age I fell in love with the great west and its culture, an old Dusty pair of boots became the inspiration for Dusty's Candles!  

All of Dusty's candles are upcycled and recycled bottles and glasses.  Each bottle is cut, sanded and hand poured. We do our best to keep a great selection of bottles and labels in stock (and NO we don't drink them all, well...maybe just a few!)  We know you'll love the candles for yourself or as a unique gift that is sure to impress!

Dusty's Candles Upcycles used bottles that would otherwise end up on the trash or recycle bin.   Dustys has no relationship with any of the brand names on the bottles that we upcycle.

If you are looking for a specific bottle or have a special bottle you would like us to make into a candle, pls send us a message on the contact page.

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